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I’ll be your family now,” he says. “I love you,” I say.

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A new place, a new name. I can be remade here.

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You’re my end and my beginning, even when I lose I’m winning.

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“You nearly died today” he says. “I almost shot you. Why didn’t you shoot me, Tris?”"I couldn’t do that" I say. "It would have been like shooting myself."He looks pained and leans closer to me, so his lips brush mine when he speaks.
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I swallow hard. I don’t think. I just bend my knees and jump. The air howls in my ears as the ground surges toward me, expanding and growing, or I surge toward the ground, my heart pounding so fast it hurts, every muscle in my body tensing as the falling sensation drags at my stomach. The hole surrounds me as I drop into darkness.

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